Wednesday, August 2, 2017

43. Jesus Is the Guarantee That We're Saved to the Uttermost

A few podcasts ago I talked about how our promises are no guarantee, but God's promise is. The oath that God made to Himself, written about in Hebrews 6, is where our hope lies. It's a hope we can cling to with certainty! Hebrews 7 brings up the oath again, after showing how the Law was "weak" and "unprofitable," and it could make nothing perfect, so therefore it was "annulled." Something better came along, based upon God's oath rather than being based upon the repeated sacrifices of the law or our works. This oath makes "Jesus guarantor of a better covenant." (Heb 7:22). There had formerly been a ministry of mortal priests, offering sacrifices day after day, which could never make anyone perfect. But through the one offering of Jesus, who lives forever, all our sins have been taken away and we have been perfected forever.


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