Friday, December 28, 2012

15. ONE Sacrifice for ALL Your Sins

No matter how "little" or "big" you perceive your sins to be, there was ONE sacrifice that took care of ALL of them!



  1. Hey there, just wondering if you see watching porn akin to murder? That's a little scary Joel. Thing is, I've really loved sex from a quite young age, and sure I know porn isn't good for me, but being single you sometimes fall on that, but I'd still consider it as a small sin (anyway, is there any difference?).
    Blessings for the New Year!

    ps, Where's the other guy???

  2. It is not what we see, it is what God sees! Bad News All Sin Separates Us From The Love Of God.(Big or Small! Maybe in our eyes, but, all sin is the Same to God)
    Good News, Jesus Died for ALL our sins.(Big and Small) We are forgiven,but dead, Christ rose again to defeat death,once and for all. If We Repent of our sins(you got it, all our sins Big and Small)And ask the resurrected Jesus into our hearts,to live in us to live through us, we receive the Gift Of Eternal Life! That is the Gospel Of Grace!
    Amen,What A Saviour!

  3. I enjoyed this, as always. I do have a question, when the Bible says that if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us and clean us from all unrighteous. I know that is because we HAVE been forgiven, not to be.

    However what do we repent over? If our sins has been taken away by Jesus, are we repeating over dead works? I know that repentance means to change our mind. I just want to clarify what exactly is in in a broader sense, as it relates to Christ.


  4. THANKS SO MUCH! This really helped me. I just keep hearing REPENT, in terms of sin. I was sorta confused by that because our sin has been taken away, so why do we need to repent over it? That makes a lot of sense about what you said about the Gnostics. That is very important to know who was he speaking too, what was going on and how is it relevant to us.

    Thanks so much, I will hear the audio about One John One Nine,when I get the chance.

    You guys a tremendous help to my grace walk.